At Physique MD, we perform a thorough health and lifestyle assessment to gauge the optimal caloric intake for you to achieve weight loss. We adjust your caloric needs throughout the weight loss process to optimize your body’s ability to sustain and maintain a healthy weight. We believe everyone is different and your dietary plan can be customized to any dietary restrictions. This diet is typically in conjunction with short-term FDA approved medicines used to curb your appetite*. Once you achieve your goal weight, you will be transitioned to our maintenance diet plan.

*Not everyone will be eligible for our program, please contact us or book your free consultation!

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance. Our approach to medical weight loss is highly personalized and closely monitored. Unfortunately, insurance doesn’t value this level of care. However, we believe our prices are affordable and we bring value to our patients with this model of care. We are able to accept your FSA or HSA card and also happy to provide any receipts which you can submit independently.

How do I know if I am eligible?

Some medical conditions such as heart disease, hyperthyroid, being on certain medicaions etc. will disqualify you from certain weight loss mediction use. It does not mean you are not qualified. Please contact us or book your free consult online!

What if I have had recent blood work already?

We will gladly accept updated lab work from an outside source and prevent any unnecessary or repetitive testing. Labs should be less than 3-6 months old at most.

Are weight loss medicines safe?

The main medicine we use is Phentermine, which is the oldest and most extensively tested weight loss medicine. You will undergo a comprehensive assessment prior to beginning the medicine and you will be closely monitored throughout your treatment

How often will I be seen?

Usually after your initial visit, you will be seen within the first two weeks. After that, you will be seen on a monthly basis. Unless you are on Meal Replacement Plan, then you will be seen weekly.

What if I need to be seen sooner?

We are happy to see you sooner if necessary.

How do I book or cancel an appointment?

Please follow the link  labeled ‘Schedule An Appointment’ on the home page.  You can schedule appointments online prior to 3 hours. For anything sooner, please call our office. You can also cancel the appointment 24 hours before your appointment.

What if I need an appointment outside the offered office hours?

Please call us or email us to discuss a time that suits you.