Lab Tests    

To keep up with patient initiated lab testing, Physique MD offers a full service diagnostic lab with a variety of routine and specialized blood testing. Our labs are affordable, confidential, and convenient. These are ideal for patients with high deductible insurance plans, patients with no insurance, and those requesting labs that insurance companies do not cover. You do NOT need a physician order for testing. We will provide a receipt which you can submit to a FSA or HSA plan if necessary. Please contact us for lab options and pricing.  Example of some of the pricing:

Diabetes (A1c): $20

Lipid Profile (LDL, HDL, Total Choles etc.): $25

Thyroid (TSH and T4): $38

Full blood count (CBC with diff): $18

CMP (Liver, kidney, glucose and electrolytes):$25

Basic Metabolic Panel: $21

ANA: $105

B12 and Folate: $50

Vitamin D: $110

DHEA-Sulfate: $55 

Hepatitis C antibody: $33

Hepatitis C antib with reflex: $130

Hepatitis B: $18

STD tbd

Drug screen for self pay