Weight  Loss                                               


At Physique MD, we know one size does not fit all. You undergo a comprehensive health assessment by a board-certified physician. This includes lab work and EKG (heart tracing). In addition, we assess your lifestyle, activity level, and dietary preferences. Based on these factors, you will be provided a targeted nutritional plan. If necessary, phentermine and other FDA-approved medications are used based on guidelines from the Obesity Medicine Association. Your physician will be your guide and coach during your journey and will address any barriers or obstacles that come in your way. Importantly, certain factors within your diet or your medication doses may change throughout your treatment course depending on your progress. Our aim is to start your weight loss and eventually lead to a maintenance diet plan.

Step 1: Testing $ 100:  Applies to every patient, if blood work was done 3-6 months ago you get a discount of $60

  • Height, Weight, BMI
  • BMR
  • EKG
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Mini Physical
  • Comprehensive lab work (Kidney, liver, electrolytes, lipid profile, thyroid etc.)

Step 2: After testing, we will recommend one of the following plans:


*Transition to Balance diet and education starts @ $149
**3 months package is $417
*** Additional fee of 15 dollars apply for combo meds