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Physique MD is a medical weight loss clinic, and at Physique MD we know one size does not fit all. You undergo a comprehensive health assessment by a board-certified physician. This may include lab work and EKG (heart tracing) unless you had recent labs and wellness check with your provider. In addition, we assess your lifestyle, activity level (exercises), and dietary preferences. Once we ensure suitability, phentermine and other FDA-approved weight loss medications (anti-obesity) are used, based on guidelines and expert opinion from the Obesity Medicine Association, the Endocrine society, the Obesity Society, American College of Preventive Medicine and many more.

You will also receive a targeted nutrition plan. Your physician will be your guide and coach during your journey and will address any barriers or obstacles that come in your way. Importantly, certain factors within your diet or your medication doses may change throughout your treatment course depending on your progress. Our aim is to jump start your weight loss and eventually lead to a maintenance diet plan. You will be closely followed and monitored with focused attention to help modify your lifestyle and wellness. We will help identify any barriers or challenges you are having and strategies to avoid ‘triggers’ into poor dietary choices. We recommend exercise as a part of your weight loss plan. Simple changes such as increasing your daily steps or changing your exercise routine will always be beneficial in assisting in your weight loss.

Weight loss is very hard, weight loss maintenance is even harder, Physique MD is here to help! Free Consultation and affordable pricing. 

Let’s talk about your lighter, brighter future. Weight loss is hard… Stop by today or call us at: 847-984-2691

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